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Data Management Services India:

BPO Solution, India helps to improve the quality of data with Data Management Services. We offer a range of Data Management services to our clients.

We provide data management services which helps to improve the quality of data. These services include the aggregation, organization, and cleansing of data. These data cleansing/scrubbing and enrichment services can ensure that your databases - part and material files, product catalog files, and item information etc. - are current, accurate and complete.

Data Cleansing
Often the existing data has no consistent format. Being derived from many sources, it may contain duplicate records/items and may have missing or incomplete descriptions. Our data cleansing process corrects misspellings, abbreviations and errors. The data is normalized so thatif there is a common unit of measure for items in a class e.g. feet, inches, meters, etc., then they are all converted to one unit of measure. The values are also standardized so that the name of each attribute is consistent e.g. for inch [ in. ], and the symbol [ “ ] are all shown as inch.

Data scrubbing, also called data cleansing, is the process of amending or removing data in a database that could be incorrect, incomplete, improperly formatted or duplicated. An organization in a data-intensive field like banking, insurance, retailing, telecommunications and transportation might use a data scrubbing tool to systematically examine data for flaws by using rules, algorithms, and look-up tables. Typically, a database scrubbing tool includes programs that are capable of correcting a number of specific type of mistakes, such as adding missing zip codes or finding duplicate records. Using a data scrubbing tool can save a database administrator's significant amount of time and can be less costly than fixing errors manually.

The issues involved in data cleansing, formatting, converting and preparing for upload are very time consuming and very exacting. So, it helps to outsource select components of the project, to an established firm with extensive experience in data migration.

Our capabilities for data cleansing/scrubbing and enrichment services include:
 Data aggregation, organization, and cleansing
Enrichment of data with product attributes, images and manufacturer specifications
De-duplication: eliminate duplicate records which might be similar looking records
Identification of missing or incomplete data

We offer a cleansing service to clean and tidy-up your data. Depending upon your requirements this may involve:
 The identification and removal of duplicated records
The identification and tagging of similar records with subsequent manual review
The removal of spurious and invalid records
Data validation (for example using a post code checker to identify that addresses are correct)
The removal of obsolete data
The comparison and removal of records matching third party information such as the opt-in and opt-out lists.